TimeKeeper released to public

TimeKeeper has finally been released to the public again, initially for free while it is in beta version.

The early versions of TimeKeeper were written specifically for Windows but this new version will run on any operating system including Linux and Mac OS/X.

Currently we only have an installer built for Windows 64 bit operating systems while we are in beta development mode.

TimeKeeper will be released for production on December 1st 2017.

And we have a new name! TimeKeeper247 which reflects the “Anywhere, anytime” nature of the app.

Pricing for TimeKeeper247 has not yet been finalised but it is likely to be similar to older versions at around $30 per user for a lifetime licence.

TimeKeeper247 stores your data in a local file, so backing up and syncing to the cloud is easy to do with Dropbox, One Drive and the like. Cloud storage is planned but won’t be available until sometime next year.

An online web app version of TimeKeeper247 is also planned for next year.