“What we need is an app where you just click a button and it does everything for you.”

Working for consulting firms that bill in tenths of hours has it’s challenges. Tracking everything I did on a day basis using spreadsheets and diaries was just plain hard work.

Back in 1999 the first version of TimeKeeper was created to solve the problem. I used it to keep track of all of my activities with the simple click of a button.

TimeKeeper has been completely rewritten using modern web technologies so that it can run anywhere, anytime. The new app has been renamed TimeKeeper 24/7.

TimeKeeper 24/7 is available for a free 30 day trial. During the trial period, the app is 100% fully functional with no limitations. At the end of the trial period, the app will close itself after a few minutes.

At any time you may purchase a licence to continue using the app. The licence fee is a single payment that lasts the lifetime of the app covering all versions and updates.

If you would like to try TimeKeeper 24/7, go to the download page and choose the version that is applicable to your system.